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I was raised in the small town of Bowman North Dakota with my brother Todd by our great parents Leon and Dianne. Bowman is a quaint little town nestled in the southwest part of the state.  While temps were frigid, the people were warm and friendly.  I am proud that I grew up in the Midwest and learned the value of hard work and integrity in ones self.  

After graduating Bowman High School I did a year at Evangel College in Springfield, MO and then moved on to pursue a dream to be in the creative field.  I landed in Denver, CO and completed my education at the Colorado Institute of Art . Graduating with honors, I hit the ground running and started the uphill road to one day be a Creative Executive. Within 5 years I had worked my way up to Art Director through various agencies.  Next step was Creative Director that I made shortly after. 

I had a brief period of running my own business as a freelancer while I took care of the babies at home, a time I will never forget not only from the memories with the girls, but for the confidence it gave me that I could overcome anything.  Now, I am VP of Creative Services and Partner at CKR Interactive.  We are a international recruitment advertising business with offices in SF Bay, LA, Miami, Tampa Bay, Phoenix, Cleveland and Sacramento nationally and have offices in the UK, Australia, recently in India, and soon Singapore.  

More important than what I do, is who I am.  I am proud to be husband to my wonderful wife Shannon and a father to four incredible girls, Brittani, Mckenzie, Sonita and Savanna.  Everything I do is for the ladies in my life.  I feel very blessed to have them.  Check out the girls YouTube Video they made this summer.

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